Luray Caverns (Luray, VA)

Adventured: 28 November 2015

So this post is a little different from the last mainly because it is a tourist destination. On my last day in Virginia, we meandered about an hour and a half west to Luray, VA. It was a pretty drive with wide open farmland and rolling hills. We were never in the town of Luray properly but on the outskirts. It’s a smaller, western Virginia type of feel to it, but the motels and signs make me think it’s a sought out destination in the summer with campers and hikers.

IMG_5972 (2)Luray Caverns is easy to find on most GPS systems and right off the highway so you really cannot miss it. While a little pricey, I feel like our 4 hours there were worth it. With the purchase of the ticket, you have access to a tiny little toy exhibit, the car and carriage museum, and the Luray Valley museum across the street. For a little extra you can play around in a garden maze or crawl around a rope course.

Your admission is mainly for the caverns themselves, with tours going out every 20 minutes or so and last around an hour. The main issue I had with the tours is that there were easily 50 people in our group and our tour guide wasn’t the best at projecting his voice. We had Elijah and he was great when you were close enough to hear him or people were polite and stopped talking. The Caverns are stunning!! You’ll get distracted by all the photos you want to take. My DSLR was having issues in the low lighting – mainly because I have yet to fully figure out how to use it! I had my phone on me too and was able to get some cool photos that way too. Near the end, the group started to get more and more spread out so pictures were a little easier to get and you could enjoy just being in the middle of these caves with columns over thousands of years old.

The Valley Museum across the street has a couple old buildings that were moved from nearby towns to the property. The main building has a rather interesting display area of household items as well as history of the area of Luray. In the summer they have a mining area where you can purchase bags of soil and pan through it.


Overall, definitely think it should be on your list if you’re ever out that way and should be done with close family or friends. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much going alone.


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