Themed 5ks – The Gateways to Fit

While Tough Mudder is my new addiction, I have to remember how I got there. I’m not a marathon runner or triathlete, I don’t like running that much. However, there’s something to be said about themed 5k races. They’re typically silly and meant for enjoyment and memories instead of personal records. I’ve heard people gripe about them because a lot of walkers show up to these events. My only thoughts are that these fun runs get people up early, outside, and moving. Being active isn’t a common life trait anymore and these runs are bringing it back. I started running because of these silly 5ks. My favorites are the early morning ones.

The best ones purchase-wise are local ones that are used as fundraisers for organization around town. These organizations can range from funding the hosts – zoos and sanctuaries – to women’s and family resource centers, food pantries, veteran assistance, school organizations, minor local construction projects and anything in between! When signing up for a race, I always try to make sure part of my fee goes to someplace useful. Typically you get a shirt with your registration which could always make an awesome t-shirt quilt down the line after you’ve done a bunch. Some come with beer or flowers at the finish line, others are purely for the experience – mud runs anyone?

5ks are the easiest way to push yourself as a beginner. Can you only run half a mile then need to walk? That’s fine! As long as you keep moving forward! These races are short enough that walking them wouldn’t take up more than a couple hours to do and experience all that the event has to offer. Typically these runs range from $10-30 depending on how new or organized the event is. These prices make it easy for anyone to do and it’s always more fun with friends. The only downside is if the event does get full and you wait til the last minute you might not get the super cool shirt they designed.

Dirty Dash 5k

Do you run 5k/10ks? Which one was your favorite? Which ones are on your list to do in the future? Inflatable, color, costume, mud? Tell me all about it!


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