NCBT: Jessup Farm Barrel House

The first stop on my Northern Colorado Brewery Adventure is one of the newer places to appear in the Fort. Located between Prospect and Drake Rd on Timberline, Jessup Farm Barrel House is definitely a recommended spot. From a pair of Funkwerks visionaries, Jessup was created to play with flavors and small batch barrel aged brews.  The Jessup Farm location seems like the perfect spot to have created this brewery due to its tight knit community feel.

Located in a refurbished barn, the front door leads you through a small room past barrels and brewing tanks and up the stairs to the tasting room. A couple community tables and a long bar top are able to seat maybe 50 people comfortably. The big windows on either side bring the outside in and make for a comfortable locals-only type of feel.  On a typical Saturday afternoon, there’s a blanket noise of conversation and full tables with a couple kids joining parents and enjoying the Rebel Popcorn they have for sale. The weekdays are a little quieter, more of a regulars crowd, and allow for good conversations with strangers and the bartender.

My first impression of the brew offerings was impressed. They start off with a handful of base beers: red, black, brown, ipa, and a blonde. Then they add barrels to the mix. I recommend grabbing both taster trays to actually taste the difference between the bases and their barreled versions, a couple friends would be wise because their tasters are 5oz pours and can catch up to you pretty fast. Then again I’m 115 lbs on a good rainy day so I’m not the best judge on potency!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Tequila Freight Delay which is their dry-hopped pale in, you guessed it, tequila barrels. It had a great bite like a tequila shot but an easy drinking quality – no lime needed! They also have two options with Brettanomyces (new dinosaur anyone??) which is usually associated with that famous sour taste in beers. Not being a fan of sours, I was wary but really wanted to try the dinosaur beers; sorry I’m kind of a nerd. The Fancy Pants – a pale with brett – was probably my favorite though they mentioned that it was one of the slower movers. It had a beautiful tang to it, but not in the sour way that I dislike. Jenny, our bartender on a snow day Tuesday, said it reminded her of graham crackers and wheat, which is a pretty decent description.

If you head over in the near future, they recently tapped Nib Knot, a whiskey barrel-aged black ale on nitro. According to The Nomad it’s a beautifully thick beer perfect for that cold winter night, which he would know since half the town was shut down that night due to snow.

We’re headed back soon because our bartender was headed to Chicago the next day to audition for The Voice. With only the two of us and a close friend of her’s, she graciously sang a bit of her audition piece. Blake Shelton, keep an eye out for Jenny Rice.

Cheers, wanderers!


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