NoCo Brew Tour: An Introduction

NoCo Brew Tour: An Introduction

Colorado is not just spoiled with our amazing hiking trails, ski resorts, quaint little towns, and stunning sunsets. We’re also pretty darn grateful for the over 320 breweries that are scattered all over the state that allow us to be the obnoxious beer snobs of the country.

I spent my 21st birthday at a local place called The Mayor of Old Town that has 100 taps that rotate nearly every week and bring in some pretty interesting brews, from oatmeal coffee stouts to sickly sweet candy corn meads. My introduction to the beer world was vast and slightly overwhelming, yet intriguing. How can one state have so many micro and nano-breweries that can survive? I’m setting off to find out!

A local newspaper, the Coloradoan, recently decided to look into how many beer spots there are in The Centennial State. Fort Collins alone has 20 licensed breweries or brew pubs, 21 by the start of summer. This number is bested only by Boulder’s 22 locations and Denver’s impressive 63. How? How is being the 21st little beer spot a sound business plan? It helps that both the Fort and Boulder have a large college population and Denver is the capital but eventually oversaturation must come in to play.

This dilemma has intrigued me for a while, and I am determined to put myself in a bar stool at every one in the Northern Colorado Area: Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Boulder, etc. While I have attempted to do so in the past, project funding and partners have been scarce. Trust me, sampling a ton of brews alone at 5’8” and 115 lbs. soaking wet does not result in blog worthy memories. Luckily, budgeting has given me wiggle room to have a weekly research adventure and friends are surprisingly willing to assist in drinking beer at my expense, who’da thunk?

So with a year and a half left before I have to join the real adult world, the NoCo Brew Tour will be on its way! Paired up with my good friend The Nomad, who is much better at analyzing and drinking beer than I am, and maybe some extras along the way, I’m excited to explore the world of micro/nano-breweries around me. Any recommendations are more than welcome, I’m winging it, haha.

Cheers, wanderers!


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