NCBT: 1933 Brewing Company

Tucked back behind the REI and Barnes and Noble shopping area on Mason, 1933 Brewing Co was an unknown on my list. It caters more towards the locals between the main area of Fort Collins and Loveland to the south. The end of the prohibition gives this brewery its name and the theme inside is slightly reflective of that with quotes on the wall and some newspaper articles in frames.

There are just a couple tables, a large U shaped bar, and a side room that would be great for a reserved party. The Nomad and I went on a late Saturday afternoon and there were only a handful of people, a group with two kids took up the big table in the main area and a scattering of single and paired groups sat at the bar.  I believe the draw of a single patron is in part to the two tvs behind the bar – that day Green Mile and Bad Boyz were playing – though both muted so as to not disturb conversations. Their flight option is 6 tasters but the price isn’t discounted from the regular price of tasters so we decided to try all the ones they still had on tap. At 1.25 a pour, it was a pretty easy decision. Some of their regular beers were already gone, but they had some really interesting specialty beers we were excited to try.

The Cody’s Mint Stout and the green chili beer were at the top of the list to try. I’m always wary and really excited about green chili beers, I’ve only come across two others and haven’t really liked them but the concept is great. 1933 actually exceeded the expectations I had, but only after some thought. Made with local anaheim and serrano peppers, it wasn’t as spicy but the left in seeds did give it some kick at first sip. I did not like it at first, and know I couldn’t finish a whole pint, but with a really good burger and cheese it would be phenomenal. It wasn’t until after we left that the flavor really set in and made us want more; marketing idea anyone?? The mint had a beautiful smell and had a wonderful mint flavor, but it disappeared too quickly.

Besides the intrigue of the green chili, we found our favorites in their usual line up. The Sillouette black ale was The Nomad’s top choice and not just because it was made with all Colorado based ingredients. I really enjoyed their smokey porter; it had that campfire smell but still tasted mostly like beer with a hint of smoke that made for a really great balance.

Though probably not my favorite brewery, definitely a different feel than the bar stool the week before, but an enjoyable afternoon!  If you head over on a Friday or Saturday, grab some free popcorn or get the chips and salsa – they have an amazing selection of salsas to choose from.

Cheers, wanderers! Check back next week for a special post. We’re headed to a brewery grand opening!


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