NCBT: Old Colorado Brewing Company

Whether it was a really good marketing idea or just perfect coincidence, Old Colorado Brewing Company had its grand opening on Valentine’s Day. The first brewery to open in Wellington, Old Colorado is located off First St in an old grain mill. While not the only resident in the building, it certainly stands alone. The wood paneling and attention to detail give the brewery a worn and welcoming feel with the old truck and trailer license plates bartop and metal tables and chairs. The work gone in to keep the view to the top of the grain elevators overhead as well as the grain battered wall in the back make it easy it sit back and enjoy the room while enjoying a great brew. That is if you aren’t focused on the beer itself!

How cool is this grain battered wall??

Being opening day, they only had four beers available which made it easy to decide on a taster of each and a pint of both the darker selections for The Nomad and I. This might sound weird, but I’m hopeful that those four were not their best offers, purely because they were wonderful and I hope the next visit continues to surpass expectations. Even if they were, I will still leave a very happy woman. It was really fun to be a part of the crowded opening where we had to share tables with strangers who quickly turned introduction conversations to laughter and excited banter. Nothing brings people together better than beer.

Speaking of the beer… Has anyone had a corn beer?! If you enjoy a wheat beer, get your hands on the Cornelius. The Nomad described it as a corn flake aroma with a slightly dry finish. I call it intriguing. It’s a light, easy to drink beer with some really great flavor. Corn Flakes means breakfast right?

Their Trouvoss ale was made with all Colorado ingredients (whoop!) and puzzled both The Nomad and I. A crisp light beer with a grapefruit aroma, though sources told us there’s no grapefruit in it, this beer is also a wonderful substitute for a wheat. I can’t really say what the base beer was, we asked and just got smiles in response. First impressions, the people themselves are reason enough to want to visit again.

Get the Copper Miner, which is an amber/red. Seriously. We had a pint and taster and still wanted more to try and figure it out. I do enjoy a good puzzle, which this one certainly was, and when asked we found out the base is a pale ale with munich malt. Not being a beer linguist, this was over my head; it made it taste good so that’s good enough for me. This beer had a slightly fruity flavor that lingered pleasantly. It was easily my favorite because I could easily see myself ordering more than a pint of it no matter the season.

Lastly, the Colorado Campfire was easily the crowd favorite. A brown ale with a dark chocolate like flavor, it reminded me of s’mores with a very minimal smoke layer. We met a wonderful man named Old Surfer Dave and his beautiful wife that were part of the brewing process – jealous – and could not stop raving about this one. They also told us stories about staining whole walls on their days off, how amazing the owners were, and how excited they were too see so many people come out.

By the end of the month, they hope to have around 6 beers to offer which means a trip in the near future might just have to happen. I did not take as many notes as I probably should have since I was caught up in conversations with new people. Yet, that is how breweries should be so I didn’t really mind. It was an amazing grand opening and I enjoyed myself immensely. Great way to start off the holiday!

Cheers, wanderers! Until next time when I take a slight detour out of the northern portion of the state.


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