NCBT Detour: Fossil Craft Beer Company

This week I detoured down to Colorado Springs for the weekend, which I was happily surprised to find had over 15 breweries to choose from. The one that drew my attention was Fossil Craft Beer Company located just a couple blocks west of Old Colorado City off of Highway 24. Why? Because dinosaurs are cool. With brews named after Megladons and Tyrannosaurus Rexes, I had to visit.

Fossil was a small place, only a couple tables and a bar big enough for many 15 people, with a patio and a food truck (elk and jackalope sausages, yum) parked right next to the front door. Large fossil art was on the walls but for the most part the theme mainly came from the names of the brews themselves. Not only do they make beer, they have their own soda as well. A ginger ale was offered as a nonalcoholic option, but as I bribed my parents to join me with beer we passed on that option and ordered tasters (4oz) of all the others. I just want to applaud these guys for introducing my bud light drinking stepdad to the beauty of dark beers, a feat I am super surprised by.

The first four beers we tried are Fossil’s everyday beers: Megladon Blonde, Tyrannosaurus Red, Mammoth IPA, and a Stone Age Stout. The last three were rotational brews: Evolution Generation IV, Kunda Baltic Porter, and the Saturator Imperial New Zealand IPA.

Many of the beers had a hoppy flavor, much like a subtle ipa. The blonde wasn’t as flavorful as the others were, but that was really the only downside to our flight. Hands down the favorite was the Evolution brew which they described as an amber with almonds and cherries. It had a slightly unfiltered quality and had strong floral and citrus elements to it. After we finished the flight, both my stepdad and I ordered a full pint. It reminded me of summers on the patio and was light enough for easy drinking.

Our other favorite was the Stone Age Stout which was a milk stout. Slightly less “dark” than the porter, this one was the one my stepdad kept going back to and was surprised he enjoyed. Very smooth and a really classic example of a good stout, Stone Age would be the go to beer on a regular day.

The brewer behind the bar came out to visit with us and explain some of the beers and talk about potential future brews. It was really nice that he made the effort to check in on us, especially since it was not that big of a place making it unnecessary. He even brought over stickers, which are actually really cool.

If you’re down in the Colorado Springs area, take a slight detour and go visit them. It’ll be worth the trip! When we first arrived, a beer cyclist group was out on the patio. So if you bike, maybe google search and join up with other active beer goers!

Wander reckless friends, and cheers!


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