NCBT Detour: Bristol Brewing Company

I apologize for the delayed posting, midterms got the best of me and please forgive me if the writing is not up to par on length. I took the liberty of detouring back down to Colorado Springs and visiting another brewery down there because I was impressed by the last selection in the area. Bristol Brewing Company did not disappoint.

Located on South Cascade avenue, in this super cool location called the Ivywild School sits Bristol Brewing Company. An old elementary school, Ivywild is home to not only Bristol, but a deli, bakery, coffee shop, and food marketplace. The community center appears to have attempted to keep the integrity of the 1916 building and it is beautiful inside with beautiful patios out front.

Having lived in Colorado Springs since 3rd grade, I thought beers such as Laughing Lab Scottish Ale and Beehive Honey Wheat were at the same level as Budweiser and Coors. I was happily surprised that they were actually local! The brewery tap house takes up about a quarter of the school, with a shirt shop, office, and actually brewery portion taking up the rest of the north side of the building. A large bar top in the middle of the room and the red brick walls surrounding the taproom give the place a friend’s basement kind of feel. The seating area opens to the main hallway through the building and gives a great way to people watch.

Now on to the beers! We really enjoyed their Mass Transit Ale, which had a smooth drinkability and some great depth of flavor. The Beehive was a light honey wheat which brought a response of “Not like bud or coors lite, but good” from the bud light loving step-dad; which is a pretty big compliment coming from him. The Winter Warlock, an oatmeal stout, was actually a beautiful example of a stout that garnered an explanation of “taste like a magic missile” from the uber nerd in the group. I have a feeling that was a positive comment but you can’t be too sure. While Mass Transit was probably my favorite, I have to highlight the Compass IPA. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a college town in Colorado, but Compass had a vague cannabis smell to it, though no similar taste. It was really easy to drink for an IPA with a layer of hops in the aftertaste. I would order it again, for the taste, not the smell, haha.

Overall, an amazing location with a beer variety I would happily enjoy going back and drinking again, especially since I believe we missed a couple on our first visit. The patio alone is definitely trying out. I’ll head back up North next time and get back on track with the Fort and everything we love about it!

Until next week, salut Wanderers!


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