NCBT: Trinity Brewing

Hey Wanderers! I’m detouring down to Colorado Springs again, but I’m pleasantly excited about the breweries I’m finding down there. Plus it is hard to say no to parents willing to buy your “research material,” I am a college student after all. We decided on Trinity Brewing Company because the parents’ friends’ son’s birthday celebration was there; good enough excuse for me!

The taproom was cozy, stacks of barrels created corners for booths and a more warm feeling to the entire place. The bar is right as you walk in the front door with seating further back. Get the important stuff, deal with the rest afterwards. There was no information on tasting trays or flights so I asked our waiter. The only flight option they had was eight 4oz pours for $32 which is really high in my option, though it came with a taster of “palate-cleansing” cheese in the 9th spot on the wheel; it’s hard to be upset about surprise cheese. Other food orders throughout the night were really good too; sweet potato fries should always be that crispy on the outside and come with both garlic aioli and fancy ranch dipping sauces and adult grilled cheese sandwiches should always come that decadent and melty. Yum!

IMG_0475The food, for me, was the saving grace. Trinity Brewing specializes in saisons and sour elements and let those make up nearly all of the beers. My brother loves this brewery for that very reason, but I struggled with it. Most of the brews to me lacked depth of flavor and relied heavily on the tart. Many of the people around me ordered the Chilly Water which is a burbon barrel aged baltik porter that had a slight coffee flavor with a bitter after taste. The You Never Even Call Me By My Name is a spiced black saison and the Awaken, a chickory coffee stout also had coffee elements. I liked the latter because it was a smoother drink. My favorite beer was actually only available in bottles and I’m thankful for people willing to share. The Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta! is listed as a “black and wild, ironic sour”. It was a dark beer with a very smooth almost Guinness-like texture. Think of a rich Merlot and that is a similar taste.

If sours are your thing, the Super Juice Solution would be my recommendation. A sour IPA, it had the best parts of a grapefruit’s tartness. The 7 Day, a golden tart, was my step-dad’s favorite with its tart apple aftertaste. If green apples and pucker factor are your weakness, try the Wild Apple saison. If in a back to basics mood, try the One Ear naked saison. The one word my mom and I kept using was weird, however we could see ourselves being able to drink a whole pint of it trying to figure out whether that was a good weird or a bad weird. If you’ve been, help me out trying to describe that one.

Again, not my favorite brewery, but I wouldn’t be against going back and giving it another try. Especially if we can order food.


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