Beer Yoga: Breaking Stigmas

Hi Wanderers!

I have been seeing a lot of posts recently on various blogs and websites I follow about beer yoga exploding onto the yoga scene. I feel like this topic falls directly into the world I have tried to fall into with this blog, and wanted to write my view points on it. On a previous post I talked about how themed 5ks brought people out into the running community and believe that is an awesome thing. In the case of Beer Yoga, I feel it is the same thing.

The yoga community is a big and variable group, from the die hard yogis who know all the sanskrit names and who are deeply connected to their chakra to the yogis who have never owned a pair of leggings and wobble between each new pose because they have no idea what “Anjaneyasana” means. (It’s a low lunge, I had to google it because I am one of those sanskrit illiterate). My own mother got kicked out of a yoga class once; she giggled while trying to flow from one balancing pose to the next because that’s how she deals with nervousness, she laughs at herself.

Yoga has so many benefits, there’s a ton of research into it and how just stretching each day (which is what yoga really is at its core) boosts both physical health and mental strength. It is a beautiful practice that anyone can start and watch themselves grow stronger each week. Why would a community built on connectedness and self awareness turn anyone away?


Getting fit and healthy is a scary mountain of a road for some; where do you start? How do you get good? There is only so much treadmill running one person can do. Giving newbies a place to go where they have something familiar paired with something new is what brewery yoga is all about.

Some of the articles I have read, especially the one from DoYouYoga, are vastly misleading. The main photo is showing a yoga class drinking beer. This is not how beer yoga works!! All the classes I have gone to or looked into hand you a beer at the end of the class session, not during. Can you imagine falling out of Warrior 3 and knocking over a bottle? That would be so stressful! Real beer or brewery yoga leads through an hour long session ending in savasana (Corpse pose) and a guided meditation.

I come out of a yoga session grounded and relaxed, which is exactly what a beer is for me. It’s a time to take a break and relax. So brewery yoga just extends that grounding session past the classroom, adding on a social time to get to know the people you just sweated with and form a stronger community bond.


Beer and Brewery yoga might not be as holistic as old school or eastern yogis demand the practice be but it aids in connections, invites hesitant beginners into the fold in a comfortable and rewarding way, and acts as a bribe to get significant others and family members to join in your practice and show them how amazing yoga can be without the intimidation of instructors – who tend to be more relaxed themselves and quick to smile and assist when you stumble in these classes.

I love brewery yoga and how it brings together two different communities and helps promotes two different businesses at once: the yoga company providing the instruction, and the brewery providing the venue. We as human beings are not singular people with only one passion or interest, why should our hobbies be?

Yoga on my beer loving friends and look for such classes near you, I promise it’ll be worth it! A good instructor to check out in the Denver Colorado area is Brooke Larson, creator of @beer_yoga Instagram, and self-employed. Here is her Eventbrite page to find upcoming classes. She’s amazing.

[Images taken from google image search of yoga and brewery yoga]

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