Beer Yoga: Breaking Stigmas

Hi Wanderers!

I have been seeing a lot of posts recently on various blogs and websites I follow about beer yoga exploding onto the yoga scene. I feel like this topic falls directly into the world I have tried to fall into with this blog, and wanted to write my view points on it. On a previous post I talked about how themed 5ks brought people out into the running community and believe that is an awesome thing. In the case of Beer Yoga, I feel it is the same thing.

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Lily Lake and An Attempt at Jurassic Park (Estes Park, CO)

In the Moab post, I mentioned that I’ve recently started rock climbing to share in my boyfriend’s hobby. He’s addicted to it, and for his birthday I renewed his climbing gym membership and got me one too. Goodbye paycheck. But it’s so much fun!! My muscles hurt in ways they never have with yoga, running, dancing, soccer, or anything else I’ve attempted for exercise! However, he is not an indoor climber. He loves hiking up to giant cliff faces and staring at rock walls for a while. I’m slowly starting to be able to see what he sees, though it’s still funny to watch him scamper around pointing at stones.

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Themed 5ks – The Gateways to Fit

While Tough Mudder is my new addiction, I have to remember how I got there. I’m not a marathon runner or triathlete, I don’t like running that much. However, there’s something to be said about themed 5k races. They’re typically silly and meant for enjoyment and memories instead of personal records. I’ve heard people gripe about them because a lot of walkers show up to these events. My only thoughts are that these fun runs get people up early, outside, and moving. Being active isn’t a common life trait anymore and these runs are bringing it back. I started running because of these silly 5ks. My favorites are the early morning ones.

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Tough Mudder & Why I Need to Do it Again

You hear a lot about mud runs like Spartan Races and Tough Mudders, mostly about how crazy you have to be to do one. Now I’m a rather fit looking individual, that does not mean I am in great shape however. Stairs and I have a not so friendly toleration of each other. When my friend suggested we do a mudder this year, I agreed but was pretty resigned to dying on that course. If there wasn’t that really cold beer at the end of the 11.6 mile, 2,000ft elevation change route, I probably would have.