Lily Lake and An Attempt at Jurassic Park (Estes Park, CO)

In the Moab post, I mentioned that I’ve recently started rock climbing to share in my boyfriend’s hobby. He’s addicted to it, and for his birthday I renewed his climbing gym membership and got me one too. Goodbye paycheck. But it’s so much fun!! My muscles hurt in ways they never have with yoga, running, dancing, soccer, or anything else I’ve attempted for exercise! However, he is not an indoor climber. He loves hiking up to giant cliff faces and staring at rock walls for a while. I’m slowly starting to be able to see what he sees, though it’s still funny to watch him scamper around pointing at stones.

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Starting the New Year Off Right (Moab, UT)

Wandered: New Years Eve 2016

It may be a little belated, but Happy 2017 Wanderers! I got to celebrate the new year in a new place for me, which automatically makes this year awesome.

It’s been on my bucket list to go visit Moab and see why everyone is in love with the desert. So for the holiday, the boyfriend and I headed west to go explore. He has been there before, but was more than happy to have an excuse to go back. We went with the purpose to go climbing since he’s big into that hobby and trying to introduce me to as many different kinds as possible. Continue reading Starting the New Year Off Right (Moab, UT)

Packsaddle Lake (Teton County, ID)

Adventured: 9 June 2016

Packsaddle Lake has also been on the list for a while, and I had no idea how close it was to where I was, and how easy it was to hike! This is probably one of the easiest ones to put on my repeat list, and I managed to tell interns this year about it in time for them to go and enjoy it to.

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Darby Wind Caves (Alta, WY)

Adventured: 2 June 2016

My first adventure back in Idaho was one that had been on the list since early in the summer the year before. I returned to Idaho to continue working for Yellowstone Bear World (another post that desperately needs to be made) and decided to continue making the most out of my days off in a state I’m slowly becoming obsessed with. Continue reading Darby Wind Caves (Alta, WY)

Joys, Trials, and Things to Consider when Hiking with the Dog


As the days get warmer and you’re itching to get outside, don’t forget about your loyal furry friend who enjoys the outside too! Adventuring with your canine counterpart is not only entertaining for you but also great enrichment for them too. Hiking is a super easy way to spend time together, something our four legged pals can’t seem to get enough of. If you do plan on taking your dog with you, please take a moment to consider what all that means first. If you do, you’ll never want to go adventuring without them, and they probably wouldn’t let you once they find out how fun it is! Continue reading Joys, Trials, and Things to Consider when Hiking with the Dog

Greyrock Trail (Bellvue, CO)

When it is 60 degrees in February, I have to pull out the hiking boots and camelback. I’ve done this trail before around the middle of April and it was a great hike, long, but good. This was my first hike of the season, and one with a dog hiking buddy. Knowing we would be kind of slow, we left a little after 10 am to make sure we had lots of time to get up and back. Continue reading Greyrock Trail (Bellvue, CO)

Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes, CO)

Adventured: 3 October 2015

Idaho trips are cool, but let’s return to Colorado for a little while! I had never been to Estes Park of Rocky Mountain National Park and I’ve lived in Fort Collins for 4 years now. With the leaves changing rapidly this year, I wanted to make an effort to get photos before they all disappeared. So bribing my friend with beer – he deserved way more than one for driving me around all day – we headed up to Estes. It’s about an hour drive from Greeley, CO on U.S 34. Elk Fest was this weekend so we hit traffic coming up the canyon but it was fun to see all the fishers along the river.

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Craters of the Moon (Arco, ID)

Adventured: 14 July 2015

If you live in Idaho, or even just driving through, I beg you to make Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve a destination. The park was created in 1924 to preserve the stunning 2,000 year old volcanic site and I’m so glad they did. The eerie, rather desolate landscape requires a moment just to take in, it’s nothing like the other trails you’ll see on this site.

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Goldbug (Elk Bend) Hot Springs (Salmon, ID)

Adventured: 9 June 2015

While I was interning at Yellowstone Bear World this summer I was only able to get one day off a week. I decided to make the best of those days and explore the beautiful state of Idaho and all the things it had to offer. I had done research on various sites (Check out if you’re in that area!) to try and plan out my trips and not waste a minute of that day off. My first trip was to Goldbug Hot Springs, which is also known as Elk Bend Hot Springs due to the fact that it’s technically in Elk Bend, ID and not Salmon. Elk Bend is such a tiny place that Salmon is an easier geographical marker.  Continue reading Goldbug (Elk Bend) Hot Springs (Salmon, ID)