Beer Yoga: Breaking Stigmas

Hi Wanderers!

I have been seeing a lot of posts recently on various blogs and websites I follow about beer yoga exploding onto the yoga scene. I feel like this topic falls directly into the world I have tried to fall into with this blog, and wanted to write my view points on it. On a previous post I talked about how themed 5ks brought people out into the running community and believe that is an awesome thing. In the case of Beer Yoga, I feel it is the same thing.

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InCoWriMo: Creating a More Connected World

I have been a creative writing fan ever since my first short story assignment back in 5th grade. Since then I had joined a creative writing club in high school, took two different creative writing classes (one of them I repeated the following year because I could), and found friends willing to write collaboration stories with which we called partnership stories at the time.

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Bear Days and Keeping Busy

Wanderers, can you believe it’s already the end of July? Where did this summer go?? I’ll give you an update on what I’ve been up to and why I have neglected this page so much. Let’s rewind to May shall we? Continue reading Bear Days and Keeping Busy


Long overdue posting

Hello wanderers!

I would like to present a sincere apology for the absence of easily two months. I promise that I will catch up with Brew Tour posts as well as update you all on the exciting adventures I’ve been on since we last spoke. Hint: it includes potatoes, bears, caves, penguins, and rope swings. Intrigued yet?

Also I would like to let you know how much struggling with the lack of internet for at least 2 weeks is starting to get to me. Starbucks closes in just a few minutes but the drafts are being typed up when I am unable to connect.

I miss regaling you all with my adventures and will be back soon with a horde of posts following behind!

Remember, wander recklessly, but always return for a good brew. I love and miss you all.