A long term brain child of a perpetually scattered student, Wandering Reckless is for those looking to find adventure all around them and not just through those big day and weekend trips, though we have some of those too. This site is about exploring the possibilities of everyday events both outdoors and in.

Wandering Reckless is a spot for day hikers, museum goers, 5k walkers and craft beer drinkers. I welcome those looking for ways to step back and enjoy their day and shlep off the stresses of the week – or month, I’m not judging. This is a spot for a hodgepodge of hobbies that can easily blend together and even trying new things. For wanderers who want to explore recklessly and accept the adventures life leads them into.

So, readers,

  • If you’re looking for a good day away from people, outside, check us out
  • If you’re really wanting to explore your town or find a really great beer, wander on in, you might find inspiration.
  • If you’re interested in some locales to spend with family, mosey on over
  • Or if you’re really just bored and find me slightly entertaining, I welcome, and appreciate, you too!


Hi, I’m Lo, a mid 20s wanderer with my heart in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am an overworked,¬†slightly animal obsessed, novice writer and runner, and try to fill my life with as many adventures as possible. Hiking and fun runs are what keep me sane because it gets me out into the fresh air and away from the stresses of every day life. Yet when those are not always available, I turn to the local brewery scene and tourisy spots to unwind.

Please feel free to explore with me! Follow along, or join along! Adventures are more fun with people to share them with! Have any questions or adventure suggestions, feel free to drop me a message! I love recommendations.